How to clean a hamster cage

While hamsters are fairly clean critters, as they like to keep their sleeping and eating quarters separate from their play area, it doesn’t mean pet owners should neglect cleaning their hamster’s cages.

Like all pets, hamsters are not maintenance-free.  Occasional cleaning is still necessary if you want to maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable habitat for these adorable little creatures.

Here are The Steps to Cleaning a Hamster’s Cage


Step 1:  Prepare a Temporary Playbox

Temporary hamster Playbox

You can use a regular cardboard box or plastic container to place your hamster temporarily as you’re cleaning the cage.

Place a few toys, such as an exercise ball, some hideout and some bedding to make your pet comfortable.  Remove your hamster and place it in the box.


Step 2:  Remove All Accessories from the Cage

Remove All Accessories from cage

Place all accessories inside a plastic bag.


Step 3:  Disassemble the Cage

Disassemble the hamster Cage

Disassemble all parts of the cage and place into a plastic bag.


Step 4:  Throw Away Bedding and Remove Any Uneaten Food

Throw Away Bedding

Throw away all the soiled bedding, uneaten food, or any crumbs or poop that’s left in the cage.


Step 5:  Place All Items in a Bathtub or Sink

wash hamster accessories

Spray disinfectant (buy here) on all parts of the cage and accessories.  Or you can also place all items in a large bowl containing hot water and antibacterial soap.


Step 6:  Leave for at Least 15 Minutes to Soak

Soak for 15min

Make sure you rinse all the antibacterial soap.


Step 7:  Wash all Items with Water

rinse items with water

Make sure all the disinfectant/soap are removed.  Take extra care with the feeding bowl and make sure it is free of any soap or disinfectant residue so it doesn’t blend with your hamster’s food once it’s used.


Step 8:  Place all Items on a Towel and Wipe Dry with a Dishcloth

Place all Items on a Towel

Make sure all the items are dry - use Towel and Wipe Dry with a Dishcloth.


Step 9:  Once all Items are Dry, Reassemble the Cage

Reassemble the Cage

Start by placing fresh bedding on the base tray.  You can then start placing the toys, exercise wheel, and accessories, place fresh food in the food bowl, refill the water bottle, and reassemble the cage.


Step 10:  Remove Your Hamster from the Playbox and Return it to Its Cage

Return hamster to cage

Move your hamster back to the cage.

And that’s it, it’s as easy as that.

Things to Remember

Disinfecting your hamster’s cage should be done once a month, with spot cleaning done when needed.  

You don’t need to disinfect the cage every week since this can add stress to your pet, and can even lower its immune system.  

Your hamster still needs a habitat that’s comfortable and familiar to it but if you frequently clean its cage, then it will seem like a new cage entirely, and not feel like home.

If you have a wire cage, it’s also a good idea to brush or scrub the wires.

Before you place fresh food and water, make sure you wash your hands so what you’re feeding your hamster is free from disinfectant or soap.

To have a pet hamster that’s happy and healthy, cleaning its cage, removing the bedding when it’s soiled, and making sure its habitat is clean and safe are needed.

Are you doing it differently? Let me hear your story in the comments below.

How To Clean A Hamster Cage: 10 Easy Steps